Why is Fileboom.me better than local backup?

On Fileboom.me the important documents and the files can be stored as a backup and can be accessed from any location. They can also be shared quickly and easily with friends, family, and colleagues. Anyone can use Fileboom, irrespective of the fact that whether they are experienced users of the cloud computing technology or the new entrants. It is an ideal platform for both personal and professional use. The service can be availed both for free and against a charge.

Why should one sign for Fileboom?

Following are the advantages of availing a Fileboom Premium Account:

  • The download sped can be boosted up to 100 Mb/s.
  • The upload file size can be raised to 5 GB.
  • One can go for unlimited parallel downloads.
  • One can always enjoy the top priority in case of downloading.
  • There are also additional features like immediate download, the capacity to copy files, download accelerators, data recovery system, FTP and URL based uploading and unmetered storage.

Is Fileboom.me a better option than the local backup?
It is always worthwhile to use an online backup than a local backup. The main advantage is that the data is stored away from home or office. This means that the data is absolutely safe from a local attack like fires or theft of computers. These could affect the external hard drive, optical discs or other local backup destinations. The data in case of Fileboom is stored in a physically secure setup, which means that it is also safe from some common hardware failures. Local backup is only useful if the connection to the internet is very slow or the connection is metered. Backing up online consumes a lot of internet data, so in the above two cases, a local backup can be used. The software provided by some of the online backup services nowadays allows both local and online backup.

The storage space offered is another advantage. 5GB of storage space is the starting point for most of the online backup services. These services also allow logging into a remote drive and with the help of a web-based interface upload all the necessary files. All these are provided at a very low cost. Though there is a little shortcoming on the part of Fileboom.me also. Until and unless a high-speed LAN is used, this type of backup can be an entire waste of money and time. An ideal win-win situation can only be created when a combination of both the types of backup is used. First, a local copy of the data should be made, and then an exact version of the data should be uploaded to the remote file backup server. Again if money is a constraint, then the maximum amount of the data can be stored locally, but the critical data could be stored in the remote backup service. Whatever be the type of backup used, backup is utterly essential, and online data storage sometimes seems more feasible.