What is Online Backup?

Online backup, also known as remote backup, is a method of offsite data storage wherein files, folders or the full content of a hard drive can regularly be stored on a remote server or a computer which has a network connection. The reasons for doing this are very simple. As data is frequently backed up on a remote hard drive, sudden loss of data can be avoided. Even if there is theft, file corruption or attack by a virus, the sensitive data can be accessed. With the help of a high-speed Internet connection and a Web Browser interface, one feels as if he has stored the remote files and the folders on an external hard drive.

There are other features of encryption and password security which again ensure that privacy and safety are highly maintained. Many companies provide online backup services for those subscribers who have their computers connected to the internet. The selected files are automatically copied to backup storage at the location of the service provider.

The online backup services are available in a wide variety and suit a diverse set of requirements. Starting from individual customers to large business organizations, these solutions can cater to all of them. For the medium and the large organizations, the need to protect their large and valuable data is of utmost importance. Availing an online backup service will prove to be a right decision for them. They are the most convenient solutions in multi-user systems as they do not require any downtime as necessary by an offline backup.

The Advantages of Online Backup

With the advent of technology, online backup has undergone massive transformations. They are not solely limited to copying business files to back up the entire content, including the devices attached to the network, multiple workstations, and business servers. This also allows having access to a remote online backup of the full business from any computer that is connected to the internet. The online server backup helps the essential business services to be kept secure offsite and reduces the need for some on-site backup equipment like tape drives and media. The IT department finds it very easy to manage many machines at the same time and perform centralized online server backup.
The prices charged depend on the per-user license fees and do not fluctuate usually.

How To Choose The Appropriate Service?

When one is in the need of choosing an appropriate backup service, it has to keep in mind the recovery needs and choose the service which suits him the best. The basic services provided are the data replication services that will protect the business data in any off-site location. But, in some cases, some additional services are also needed to look after the entire business setup. The systems, where the data stay, also have to be protected. This includes the operating systems, applications, and the various user settings. All these services are needed to maintain the servers and the databases. An appropriate service delivery option will provide all these services. You can also use Fileboom for backup storage. Not only you can store large files, but with Fileboom Premium Account you can keep your whole hard drive backed up and safe online.