What is a Filehost Service?

File hosting services are the methods of storing data online. It is a type of internet hosting service that has the capacity of storing the files of the user. The word hosting has been used to indicate that only user data can be kept for the internet and other associated purposes. This data which is stored may be of one or more users. The users get the chance to use or recover this data through FTP or HTTP. This stored data can be of any type. There can be audios, images, and videos, software, data files, E-books, tutorials and manuals. Various storage providers offer these services with either an annual or a monthly fee. Another name for file hosting service is online file storage.

The Types Of File Hosting Services

It is beyond the scope of everyone to afford a space server for storing and retrieving data. Though the service is on offer by many service providers who can store data, the charges are sometimes high. File hosting services can also be subdivided into the following categories.

Software File Hosting

Freeware authors of a different kind, design this hosting service for individual use. Some of the providers deliberately offer delayed or slow options for downloading for the free subscribers. This is done to compel them to buy a highly paid service to get the advantages a premium plan user gets. This kind of service can also be used for marketing reasons.

Personal File Storage

This type of hosting is specially designed to store data which is entirely personal and provide support for the individual files. This functions exactly like the storage system which works in the network. The data and the files are fully protected by passwords. The paid users can upload and share their data with only the users who are authorized for it. These files can be accessed by HTTP or FTP.

One Click Hosting

One Click Hosting is another type of file hosting. Different kinds of one-click hosting options are offered for storing the data. The users can upload or download data from their personal hard drives. This can be done with just one click, most of the times for free. The services can be availed with the help of web-based applications, and the most interesting part is that only a single URL is compulsory to get the homepage, or they provide the podium for all such activities.

Some of the High Rated File Hosting Services Which Come for Free

SaberCat Host

The users get 5GB of free storage space. The downloads and the uploads are very fast. Options can be upgraded to unlimited storage for a pre-mentioned period. The sites can be used even without creating an account.


Data privacy is the biggest advantage which the users can get from this file hosting service. The site is easy to use, and the speed is quite fast. With Fileboom Premium Account you get 10TB of storage.


It is one of the best-known file-sharing sites, due to overhyped marketing strategies and advertisements. One can avail only 2GB of free space.