How to safely use your credit card online?

The Internet is making our lives easier. Payment options are getting quicker and more convenient. We can use our credit cards to make online payments. But, people with wrong intentions have found ways of misusing it as well. The criminals are devising new methods to rob people of their money with the help of internet. They just wait for your credit card information to be entered with the aid of false and insecure payment options. People become victims of online scams. But, with the help of some precautions, one can prevent himself from being victimized.
Some of the basic tips

Some simple steps of precaution are:

  • The best way to keep the payment safe is always to use a credit card than a debit card. They are usually better guarded against fraud and the liability on the customer’s part is much less. There are also many cards which come without any liability at all. The fraud on the part of debit cards often take a lot of time to realize and by the time they are reported, the entire amount in the account can be scrapped off. There are also provisions of one-time use credit card which generates a random card number linked to the actual account which makes it difficult for the criminals to steal any kind of confidential information.
  • While using credit cards for shopping and entering the information, it should always be ensured that the page address has a https://rather than http://. This extra “s” is used for informing the users about the additional encryption system which has been used. Though this does not guarantee 100% protection, it can add an extra layer of protection. As you can see on our site, also use HTTPS secure protocol.
  • The transactions using credit cards should never be carried out in public. The websites often save the login information, and if the account is left open accidentally, it will become easy for the next person who opens the account, to get hold of the sensitive data. Sometimes, the hackers can use keylogger information to record the keystrokes pattern. That will make it easy for them to access the passwords, credit card numbers and other personal information. A personal laptop is also not safe in this regard, as a good hacker can hack the information using public WiFi. Online shopping should be done only from the own computer and a private WiFi connection.
  • The social security number should never be given out for a small purchase. If a website asks for more information than what is actually needed, it is better to stop all operations.
  • The anti-virus software should always be updated, as otherwise, one is always open to all kinds of attacks and security breaches. A trusted software should be installed and updated regularly. The web browser and the operating system should also be kept updated with the latest security measures.
  • The passwords used should be highly strong. It should be a mix of both uppercase and lowercase letters, alphabets and special characters. It should be unique and not something which can be hacked easily.


The above steps, if followed will ensure a safe credit card transaction online. And when ordering your Fileboom Premium Account trough our site, we assure you that high security will be used, and all your data and money will be safe. Thanks for using Fileboom.